This Foldable Electric Bike Can Even Fit Into Your backpack

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

Biking around is the coolest and most earth-friendly way to get around, and no matter how fast moving and high flying the automobile industry gets, cycling will always remain on people’s list. This super compact and lightweight electric bike is sure to bump it up a couple of places, as Smacircle S1 becomes the latest trend in the world of cycling.

Images via Smacicle S1 IndieGoGo campaign
Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

The Smacircle S1 design allows you to fold up the cycle when you are done and carry it in your backpack. It was revealed to the world through an IndieGoGo campaign which has already surpassed its startup goal by 329%. The hit bike is made out of carbon fiber and allows the rider to fold it up in five easy steps. The S1 eBike can move about up to 12.4 mph, and while it weighs only 15.4 lbs, it can carry over 220 lbs due to the custom engineered carbon fiber design.

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

As the creators say on their website,

“No need to get the subway or spend money on parking, the carbon fiber S1 is folded in five simple steps and is light enough to fit in a backpack. City travel can now be easy and fun.”

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

The Smacircle S1 seems too good to be true since its ergonomic design can fold to as small as 19-inches. The eBike also has a 240W motor which can propel commuters around without needing to pedal. A single charge can carry the rider for 12 miles, and after recharging of mere 2.5 hours, the bike is ready to go again!

One reason for its popularity is due to its road legality and its focus on safety as it features both front and side lights to make it easily visible to other on the road. The bike also comes with electric brakes, allowing instant stoppage to prevent accidents.

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

The S1 also comes with a companion app that automatically syncs the technology to your smartphone and helps in locking, unlocking the eBike. The app can deactivate the accelerator, which means it can’t be unlocked until the owner sends the command via the app. Nifty stuff!

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

The app also allows the adjusting of headlights intensity, route tracking and monitoring of battery life. The phones can also be attached to the handlebars and kept fully charged thanks to a built-in USB charger.

Images via Smacircle S1 IndieGoGo campaign

The starting price for the eBike is $1,499. Watch it in action below!


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    1. Yea! You can purchased Smacircle S1 on Indiegogo now. The company will deliver Smacircle S1 to you on Oct. 2017.

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