Scientists Found This Stone First But What They Found Next Is Mind Blowing

Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found8

Since centuries, explorers have been curious about the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Meet underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio who has found the sunken city of Egypt; Thonis-Heracleionwhile swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Egypt.

The surprising discovery revealed that the city of Heracleion had been embedded in the Mediterranean sea 1200 years ago. Interestingly, the city has also been referred to by Heroditus, the Greek historian from 5th century – the same writer who narrated the famous story of Helen of Troy.

In 2011, French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio came across some remains of the same city. He and his team was then faced with the task of hauling the massive stone fragments from the sea bed up to the surface. Millions have been spent in the process and finally, the relics of the lost city have been brought out for public viewing. 

At one time, this city was Egypt’s most important port. Soon after, the neighbouring city Alexandria overshadowed history.  The objects found in the underwater city are startling; ranging from statues of goddesses to temples and trinkets. You would be thrilled to know that 700 anchors and 64 ships have been dug up — the largest number of ancient vessels ever found in one place.

Lost Egyptian Sunken City FoundFounded back in the 8th century B.C, Heracleion fell victim to sea in 8th century A.D due to a number of natural of disasters the city.

Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found3

Frank Goddio along with his team discovered the city with enormous artifacts and treasures.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found4

You can see some divers scrutinizing an ancient statue of Pharaoh.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found5

Extreme caution was taken while removing these statues and bringing them back up on surface.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found6

These findings are incredible and allow for the team to find out about the city and its culture.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found7

These ancient treasures were lost for a long time indeed at the Abu Qir Bay.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found8

It is like a dream come true for Frank Goddio.Lost Egyptian Sunken City Found9



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  1. What a fascinating discovery! The fact that ancient Egyptian statues were found underwater just goes to show that we don’t have all of our history pieced together yet. There had to have been some kind of geological event or shift to cause this? Great flood maybe? Possibly not covering the entire earth like the Good Book says, but maybe enough to wash out cities on a scale that made people believe that the whole world had been flooded out.

  2. I literally thought they dug up some penis sculptures looking at the first picture, just looks like a massive bellend.