Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Being Launched In US On 17th October


Now that Apple has launched the new iPhone, Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy Note 4. The phablet’s unveiling ceremony talked about the phone going on sale in October and has now unveiled the launch date; 17th October 2014.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being Launched in US on 17th October4

Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in US on the 17th and will cater to all the major carriers including US Cellular. The phablet will be available for purchase from Best Buy, Costco, Amazon, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Target as well.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being Launched in US on 17th October3

Pre-ordering began on 19th September, however further information will have to be dug out from the carrier retailers. There is no news about lauch of this smartphone in other countries as of yet.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being Launched in US on 17th October

Samsung remains silent on the pricing of this phablet as well, however, speculations put it $700 on full retail and somewhere around $300 for on-contract prices.
You can buy your note 4 here


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