Say Goodbye To Chilly Fingers Thanks To This Keyboard Hand-Heater

(Credit: Envavo)

Call it a first world problem, but working or playing on a computer during cold and chilly weather is a hassle. While you can cover your body with rags and blankets, covering your hands with gloves adds unbearable hurdles, especially when you have to do those mouse clicks. A couple of self-confessed Danish geeks have come up with a characteristically geeky solution, as they present Envavo Heatbuff, a device that will keep your hands nice and toasty while you aim for those head-shots in Counter Strike.

(Credit: Envavo)

The Heatbuff is a small heater sitting just above your keyboard using infrared short waves. The waves keep your hands and fingers at a bearable temperature without heating the unit or the keyboard. The infrared heater keeps the temperature at a nice range of 20° and 30° C (68° and 86° F) while not heating up its own frame, which means you can keep working at a comfortable temperature without the risk of burning your hands if you happen to brush against the unit.

(Credit: Envavo)

The Envavo Heatbuff can be angled at any position making the heating intensity adjustable as per your comfort. The device can be plugged straight into a power outlet, and the creators claim that it is fairly energy-efficient as it can run between 2 and 300 watts. They also say that the device operates very discretely, and is easy to pack up and move if the need arises.

(Credit: Envavo)

The creators narrate how the idea came to them when they felt chilly while playing a game of Counter-Strike, but the Heatbuff can work for any computer-bound workers which, besides gaming, includes office workers, artists, programmers, etc. It can be particularly useful for people with poor blood circulation or conditions like arthritis.

(Credit: Envavo)

Envavo Heatbuff is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it has already raised over double its goal of DKK75,000 (US$11,000), with 20 days still left on the campaign. You can pledges for your own device at DKK499 (US$72), with bigger bundles available as well.


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