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InMotion’s R2 Is A Self Balancing Vehicle You Can Ride On And Scoot Around


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Smartphones, smart apps, smart watches, and now we welcome smart vehicles. Want to roam around a huge mall but don’t have the energy to do the walking? Well, hop on InMotion’s R2, a scooter like device that allows you to move it with gestures. InMotion R2 – Smart Vehicle5

The InMotion R2 is a personal and portable transportation device that was unveiled at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. It kind of looks like something mall cops roam around on. The device’s onboard sensors let it remain remarkably steady, preventing you from toppling over. Users stand upright with their feet on either side of a steering rod. The R2 requires the user to control it using subtle shifts of weight. Just pointing and flexing your heels sets the device in motion. Rock your weight forward to the balls of your feet to go forward, and rock back to your heels to go backwards. It is fitted with a detachable handlebar that allows for particularly easy control and turns, but can also be ridden hands-free. The vehicle also comes with a SmartKey that can be used to lock and unlock it from a distance. InMotion R2 – Smart Vehicle4 InMotion R2 – Smart Vehicle 2

You won’t be able to climb up a hill, but it has ground clearance that allows it to move up inclines as steep as 24 degrees. R2 weighs 36 pounds, making it extremely portable. At a cost of $2500 it’s not too expensive. It is definitely not a replacement for a car or scooter, but perfect for sidewalk roaming at 9 mph. The vehicle is fitted with headlights and rear blinkers. InMotion’s app lets you program the R2 with geofencing to prevent kids from scooting too far away with it. You can also set up the app with a GPS locator to help you track down a missing or stolen R2. InMotion R2 – Smart Vehicle5 InMotion R2 – Smart Vehicle


The R2 is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gets about 5 hours of continuous usage, depending on the weight being carried. The battery is rechargeable, and can replenish itself in about 3.5 hours. So, if you happen to be in the market for a relatively affordable cruiser, this smart vehicle starts shipping this March.


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