Here’s Why You Should You Take Out The Screws In Your Front Doors And Replace Them


Meet Mariana Harrison who moved into her first apartment a couple of years ago and has always remembered her father’s advice. She is a real estate agent in Texas and says that the screws in many of the front doors are usually only about half an inch long. What does this mean? It means that the door can be easily kicked down by a burglar.

Her dad replaced them with screws that were 4-inch long and thus rendered the door impossible for anyone to kick down. The picture shows the size difference between the screws and the subsequent holding power they would impart to the door.Why Should You Take Out The Screws In Your Front Doors And Replace Them 2

Michael Fraser is a formal criminal and has following tips to give in order to avoid burglary attempts at your home.

  • “Never leave your keys under flowerpots, bricks or mats.”
  • “Photograph valuable items in your home and take a note of their serial numbers.”
  • “Don’t just leave the bathroom light on, as many burglars feel confident enough to enter if they think the owner is taking a bath or shower.”

As per FBI data from 2010, over 60% of burglaries involved forcible entries while over 30% were considered ‘unlawful’ that is to imply that they didn’t require any force for breaking in.


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