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Here’s How You Can Make A Spare Key At Home


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Are you among one of those who always end up, somehow, losing their keys? If the answer is yes then you definitely know that keeping some extra keys around is a good idea and practical. However, that might cost you quite a fortune. So, here we are with a video that was posted by YouTube channel, DaveHax that will help you create spare keys at your home using easily available materials. So, shall we give it a try?

You’ll need a sharp pair of scissors and safety gloves for this project.

1. Take the key you want a spare made of and hold it over a flame using a pair of pliers. Once it turns black, allow it to cool down.Make A Spare Key At Home For Emergencies

2. Using a strip of tape take a print of key; stick onto the key and peel it off.Make A Spare Key At Home For Emergencies 2

3. Now stick the tap onto a lid that has been cut off of the can of a food.Make A Spare Key At Home For Emergencies 3

4. Carefully and precisely cut out the key using that sharp pair of scissors. Make sure you are very precise and careful.Make A Spare Key At Home For Emergencies 4

5. Test the homemade to find out if it works or not. It is rather flexible when compared with the original so you might have to do a bit of wagging.Make A Spare Key At Home For Emergencies 5

Do let us know how it works out for you.



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