Guy Creates A Star Destroyer Spaceship Out Of 40,000 Lego Blocks


We all are fascinated by spaceships and while we can’t really afford one, there are people who have created models at home. One such person is Flickr user by the name of Jerac who has created a 6.6’ long, 4’ wide and 1.9’ tall Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II. The size is way smaller, don’t you think so? However, wait till you find out what it is made of, any guesses? Yup, it is made of LEGO; 40,000 pieces of it and the whole assembly weighs around 110 pounds.LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac

Something like this needs a lot of time and Jerac’s project was no exception as well. Jerac started off on 11th November, 2013 with the designing and began the construction on 28th December 2013 and finished it recently; about 6 months of work and dedication.LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac8 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac9 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac7 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac10 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac6 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac5 LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac4

For those of you thinking of Jerac’s Star Destroyer being just a LEGO assembly, well Jerac has installed a lighting system and one can notice mini LEGO crew members as well. So its not just a combination of lego blocks put together.LEGO Star Destroyer – Flickr User Jerac3

Jerac has priced this spaceship at $5,000 and we believe this price reflects the effort that has been put into this project.


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