Grand Opening Of Tesla’s Gigafactory Set For July 29th


Albeit being partially operational for months, Tesla has yet to inaugurate the massive battery plant in Nevada formally. Recently, the company announced its plans to launch the Gigafactory setup officially on 29th July.

The inauguration ceremony of the battery plant will be graced by the presence of the Tesla owners and the company officials. The date for the official opening has been affirmed by Fortune and Tesla Central. Thus far, only a few VIPs and the winners of the invite through the Model S sales referral program have been invited to the ceremony.


Grand Opening Of Tesla’s Gigafactory Set For July 29th_Image 2
Image Source: Tesla Central


No one from the media has received an invite thus far. Previously, Tesla revealed Model 3 in an exclusive event for which the media invites were sent out later.

Though Motor Trend was brought onsite at the Gigafactory for a closer inspection of the Model 3 prototype, no other media event has been hosted at the facility.


Grand Opening Of Tesla’s Gigafactory Set For July 29th_Image 3
Image Source: Tesla Central


Gigafactory will play a pivotal role in realizing the affordable, mass production of the Tesla vehicles. The factory will reach its optimum output by 2020, spitting out 35 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity per year. As a side note, 35 gigawatt-hours was the global lithium-ion battery production in 2013.


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  1. That’s the way to go. You can’t make those dinosaur climate deniers roll over by evidence and reason. You gotta roll them over with power. Put a ring in their noses and drag them out of Washington and away from our elected officials. Or better yet overpower them with gaga-watt hours.

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