Get Rid Of Fog In Your Mirror After A Shower With This Cool Wiper Gadget


Everybody loves a relaxing shower – the flowing water literally sucks away all the tiredness from you after a long tiring day. However, with great showers come great consequences; fogged up mirror. Get Rid of Fog in Your Mirror after a Shower 2The problem can escalate quickly if your bathroom doesn’t feature a vent or a fan. You can now either wait for the fog to clear up or you can use a towel to clear the mirror temporarily before steam takes over again. Not to mention that you will be leaving streaks on the mirror if you’re using a towel. Get Rid of Fog in Your Mirror after a Shower

The solution has been offered in the form of the Suck UK Wiper Mirror which took inspiration from how we clean the windscreen of cars. It is a manual windshield wiper that comes affixed to the mirror and thus making a quick swipe will result in clearing of all fog right away. You can get it here

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