College Student’s Paper Ball Trash Can Shot Earns 100 On The First Quiz For The Entire Class


The nifty student Vinney Forte won 100’s on the first quiz for his entire organic chemistry lecture class. How did he do it? By making a paper ball trashcan shot!

While demonstrating how the protons are donated, the Ohio State professor threw a paper ball up in the balcony.

Sticking to his annual ritual, the teacher then went on to offer the entire class a chance to score 100 in the first quiz if the person who caught the paper ball could toss it into the trash can.


College Student’s Paper Ball Trashcan Shot Earns 100 On The First Quiz For The Entire Class_Image 0


Warning: Understandably, the class goes Wild once his shot hits the trashcan so, watch your ears!



It was, literally, a long shot!

Apparently, the shot was also made last year but was not captured on camera. This professor must really hate grading quizzes!


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