Coca Cola Launches 16 New Bottle Caps That Transform Coke Bottles Into Useful Things


Coca Cola has started a great new campaign that is aimed at bringing awareness to common folks about recycling. The campaign has been created in collaboration with Ogilvy and Mather China. The idea is to launch 16 innovative caps, which can be screwed on to the Coca Cola bottle and transform them into something useful.Coke 2nd Lives Coke 2nd Lives

The campaign is named ‘2nd Lives’ and focuses on imparting practicability to Coca Cola bottles so that instead of throwing them away, consumers make them a part of their lives by using these caps, which will transform the bottle into different things; water gun, paint brushes, whistles, pencil sharpeners and what not.Coke 2nd Lives 11 Coke 2nd Lives 10 Coke 2nd Lives 9

The target audience is the consumers in Vietnam who are being encouraged to recycle. Coke will be giving about 40,000 of these smartly designed caps to start off the campaign. The campaign questions; ‘What if empty Coke bottles were never thrown away?’Coke 2nd Lives 8 Coke 2nd Lives 7 Coke 2nd Lives 6 Coke 2nd Lives 5 Coke 2nd Lives 4 Coke 2nd Lives 3 Coke 2nd Lives 2

This is quite a smart move by Coca Cola and we welcome such ingenious ideas, which will ultimately work towards improving our environment.


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  1. There may be places close to where you live that accept plastic bottle caps and tub lids, medicine bottle lids, milk lids for recycling. So put them in a bag and eventually recycle them instead of throwing them away

  2. My girls are very excited by this idea!!….so am I, the fact we can reuse bottles and have some fun with them……great coca cola xx

  3. Some times children may eat or drink the refilled materials in bottles why may be harm full for their life the idea will have to revised

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