Clouds Of Carbon Dioxide Fill A German City After A Truck Accident


Mainz is one of the bigger industrial cities of the Germany. On December 28, 2015, in early morning hours, a truck carrying a tank load of Carbon Dioxide had stopped at a street and started leaking Carbon Dioxide due to a faulty valve. Since the day was a sunny one, the sleepy residents who woke up from their slumber were astonished to see the clouds of smoke engulfing their neighborhood even though the Sun was out.
truck carrying carbon dioxide German city3

Here is the guilty truck. Its driver found out about the leakage soon enough and connected with the appropriate authorities. Carbon Dioxide is used in making beverages, and this truck was off to such a facility when the malfunction occurred.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city7

Now we know that Carbon-dioxide is a dangerous gas that can cause death in large numbers. The concentration was big enough to knock people out or kill them if they inhaled for a long time.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city6

But, officials were soon on the way and urged citizens to remain indoors and get to higher ground to have a supply of fresh air.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city2

Soon, firefighters with oxygen masks were here to take care of the situation.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city4

First they had to stop the leak, and then they cleared the CO2 fog.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city5

The images are eerie and appear to come from a post-apocalyptic movie.

truck carrying carbon dioxide German city

Let’s just say that our appreciation of this smog remains in pics because it is a very dangerous gas to be around.


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