15 Truly Brilliant Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

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No idea or invention is ever small or insignificant, and the list proves it! It is the amalgamation of small yet useful utilities and improvisations that improve our quality of life in a big way, and today we have compiled 15 of the most ingenious yet underappreciated inventions!

1. There is a separate space on this restaurant’s tables for your phone, so you don’t spill anything on it.

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2. This Picnic bench is extended to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

3. A great capitalist ploy, but this soap has no middle to stop it from getting too small to hold on.

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4. This super secret alarm on the back of this taxi tells others to call 911 if the light is flashing.

5. This alarm clock has displays on three sides, so you don’t have to pick it up to view the time.

6. You can test the warmth of your winter clothes in this giant fridge’s freezing condition before you buy them.

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7. This cafe has lights that tell you whether the toilets are occupied or not, so you don’t have to stand up and check for yourself.

8. This pen has a scale that indicates the number of pages you’ll be able to write before the ink runs out.

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9. The best of the lot! Urinal splash guard that protects your shoes from ungainly drips.

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10. A head rest on top of a urinal isn’t a bad idea too in case you’ve had too many drinks.

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11. The car park has distinguishable and unique names to help you remember the level where you parked.

12. Courtesy and economizing at its finest! This restaurant gives you a choice of soap, scented or unscented, depending on whether you’ve had your dinner or not.



13. Who says you have outgrown your inner child? Play with your toddler with this unique swing at the same time!

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14. This see-through highlighter allows you to peek through its nib at what you’re highlighting.

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15. This shop’s changing room mirror replicates the light in the setting for which you are buying the clothes.

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