Add A Suspension To Your Skateboards With This Cool New Add-On By Avenue Trucks


There are not many skateboards that come with built-in suspension, even so there are a few suspension systems in the aftermarket for the conventional boards. Enter designers from Avenue Trucks, based in California, who have come up with a new approach – one that is flexible. The team claims that the suspension trucks being introduced by them shall reinvent the world of skateboarding in a number of ways.Avenue Trucks Is Adding Suspension To Existing Skateboards 4

Avenue Trucks has used a leaf spring similar design for the suspension system where the main body of the truck is created by magnesium and gets affixed on a folded-over metal baseplate that is capable of flexing by about 0.5 inches.Avenue Trucks Is Adding Suspension To Existing Skateboards 5

The body is capable of pivoting itself in relativity to this baseplate and unlike the conventional trucks it sports a ‘floating’ pivot point that subsequently allows for smoother turns and imparts better control. The team also claims that their trucks are capable of absorbing vibrations that break momentum and thus allow the skateboard to go faster and diminish the wobbling that occurs at high speeds. Apart from all this, since the suspension is preloaded, the users can ‘pop’ their boards in a better way when it comes down to performing tricks.Avenue Trucks Is Adding Suspension To Existing Skateboards 3 Avenue Trucks Is Adding Suspension To Existing Skateboards 2

This half-inch of buffer also eases the impacts that are usually bone jarring during hard landings. Avenue Trucks is currently raising funds on Kickstarter as of now for the financing of production. A pledge of $45 will warranty you a set of trucks if all goes as per plan.


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