9 Secrets About Your iPhone Headphones That 95% Owners Don’t Know


The iPhone’s headphones have a set of three buttons that can be used in a variety of combinations to perform tasks that will allow users to keep their phones in their pockets. 95% of the iPhone users don’t know these secret tricks. Here are 8 tasks:

1. Activate Siri

iphone_headphones (3)


If you have an iPhone 4S or later model, you can tap and hold the center button to activate Siri.

2. Answer and end calls

iphone_headphones (3)


Tapping the center button once, attends an incoming call and tapping it once during a call hangs it up.

3. Ignore incoming calls

iphone_headphones (3)


When you have an incoming call, press and hold the center button for a few seconds, then release it. Two beeps will be heard that indicate the call has been disconnected.

4. Switch between calls

iphone_headphones (3)


If you’re in the middle of a call and have another incoming call, tap the center button once to switch calls. Pressing and holding the button for two seconds will end the new call.

5. Take a picture

iphone_headphones (4)


When inside the default camera app, press the volume up button to take a picture. This does not work for Instagram or any other apps.

6. Play/pause song or video

iphone_headphones (3)


Press the center button to pause. Press again to resume.

7. Fast forward or rewind through a song

iphone_headphones (1)


Press the center button twice and hold down on the second tap to fast forward. Press it three times and hold down on the third tap to rewind.

8. Skip to the next song

iphone_headphones (1)


Press the center button twice to skip to the next song. Triple tap to go to the previous track.

9. Swapping A Call

iphone_headphones (3)











Tap the center button once to swap calls โ€“ Hold the center button down for about 2 seconds to end the new call.

When listening to music:
Toggle pause/play: Single tap the center button
Return to the previous song: Triple tap the center button
Fast forward a song: Tap the center button two time; long-press the second tap
Rewind a song: Tap the center button three times; long-press the third tap.

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  1. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever
    work and exposure! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve
    incoorporated you guys to blogroll.

  2. Did you know that stupid apple macs tend to launch itunes automatically with these headphones plugged in aswell!!!. Even with the standard ones, so annoying.. Biggest bug in the world – go and type it in google there is so many forums discussing this YET MAC STILL HASNT DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT. JUST GO TYPE IN -” ITUNES LAUNCHES AUTOMATICALLY WITH HEADPHONES” !!!!!! dont be fooled people

  3. They forgot to add that pressing the headphone volume button while someone is calling you will put your iphone on silent. ????

  4. I never knew until now that I belong to the 5% owners that know these…Apple MUST include “the supposed secrets or tricks” in manuals and/or advertisements so the 95% of owners or would be owners will know.

  5. I knew all of these “secrets” and I have no iphone. I mean, how can you not know that, when you paid 500-700$ for your phone? Ohh.. I see. First buy it, than look at it’s spec’s or…. just.. look at the shiny apple. It’s fine! -.-‘

    1. “lol you’re poor,” “Donโ€™t get jealous cus u carnt afford a iphone Mr pink” – An intelligent group we’ve fallen in with…

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