8 Best VR Headsets That You Can Buy Right Now


Facebook’s $2bn accusation of a startup “Oculus” brought the term “Virtual Reality”(VR) back into the spotlight. Truth be told, the craze dissipated in 90’s , Nitendo’s “Virtual-Boy” disaster is a proof.  VR’S recent revival meant such products were in good demand but pure virtual reality headsets that have in built  sensors and High definition video playback  capability are still in the pipeline. Even Oculus’s “Rift” has not been fully launched. Having said though, yielding to consumer demand in 2014, Google launched its “Google Cardboard” project and they presented an idea where people could develop their own low-key virtual reality device with just some card-board, lens and a smartphone. The idea took off and soon many such devices were available in the market, even Samsung came in with their “Gear V” device. This article sheds some light on the best available VR headsets which can be powered by your smartphone, classified on the basis of value for money, virtual-experience and comfort.

8. AFUNTA VR Head Set ($15)

Best VR headset (5)


  • Adjustable Interpupillary distance
  • Adjustable Focal depth
  • Supports 6-8” smartphones


  • Overall manufacturing quality of the headset is low.
  • No control panel for the phone. Phone has to be removed every time user wants to change settings.
  • No NFC/magnet which can automatically turn on the app.

7. VIGICA Virtual Reality 3D Glasses(19$)

Best VR headset (6)


  • Designed for smaller phones 3.5-6inch
  • Very good value for money.
  • Wider range of phone sizes compatible 3 to 6”screen size.
  • Bluetooth controller available for 16$.


  • Lenses too small
  • Narrow field of vision
  • Does not comply with google cardboard specs.

6. Sunny Peak, VR glasses(25$-40$)Best VR headset (4)


  • Adjustable Length and Width
  • Focal and pupil distance adjustable.
  • Bluetooth control sold separately (12$)


  • No NFC
  • No volume button for the phone.
  • Not a comfortable experience for the user.
  • Far less field of view.

5. Homido VR(78$)

Best VR headset (7)


  • Wide range of Phone sizes 4 to 6”.
  • 100 degree FOV.
  • Solid body , better finishing and more comfortable to use
  • Bluetooth controller sold separately for 24$


  • Low value for money.
  • iPhone 6 not compatible.
  • Lens Adjustment not proper, offer very little movement

4. Zeiss VR one($200)

Best VR headset (2)


  • Field of view approximately 100 degrees
  • More comfortable experience with ventilation ducts.
  • Ports to plug-in smartphone audio and input sensors


  • Phone size only limited to 4.7-5.2”.
  • Expensive at 200$.

3. Samsung Gear VR(287$-200$)

Best VR headset (3)


  • High Lens quality
  • Touch pad, dedicated back button
  • 16gb micros card loaded with starter content.


  • Still in the  development phase, product quality may vary.
  • Picture quality is disappointing overall, not HD.

2. Google Cardboard(4-10$)

Best VR headset


  • Compatible with wide range of products.
  • Bluetooth controller available separately (11$).
  • Value for money


  • Magnets are of Low Quality.
  • Screen size of phone is limited to under 5”.
  • Product quality varies, as it is open source.

1. DESTEK VR Glasses(40$,8oz)

Best VR headset (1)


  • Uses Fresnel lens. These lenses are known to do less harm to eyesight as compared to normal convex lens.
  • Designed with adjustable strap.
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • NFC available for 4$
  • Bluetooth game controller for additional 12$



  • Lens cannot be focused for long sightedness.
  • Lenses are suitable for phone-size under 5 inches.
  • Nose piece is not comfortable.
  • Field of View less than 90 degrees.

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