25 People Sharing Awkward Technology Fail Moments


People adopt technology in various ways. Here we have some people who decided to adopt technology in their own way and ended up giving us a laughter to made the day. Sit back and enjoy these 25 awkward technology fail moments.
Awkward Technology Moments 1 Awkward Technology Moments 2 Awkward Technology Moments 3 Awkward Technology Moments doing-it-wrong-camera-backwards doing-it-wrong-headrest-tv doing-it-wrong-ipad-doorstop doing-it-wrong-ipad-tape-player doing-it-wrong-laptop-rain doing-it-wrong-listening-rock doing-it-wrong-onion-ipad doing-it-wrong-scan-laptop doing-it-wrong-tennis-wii doing-it-wrong-turn-phone-on doing-it-wrong-vacuum doing-it-wrong-whiteout-computer nerd army Technology fail technology fails 1 technology fails 2 technology fails 3 technology fails 4 technology fails 5 technology fails gif technology fails


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