15 Super Cool Lamp Designs That You Can Make At Home

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Internet has helped us all a lot and continues to do. DIY projects are a trend now since anyone who creates something can very easily share it with everyone on internet along with the directions and this has led to a DIY-craze. You will find that some of these DIY projects are more than just stunning; so we decided to compile a list which would cover the 15 DIY lamp projects that you can do yourself at home. So have a read and don’t be shy if you feel like trying these super awesome ideas.

15. Cupcakes and Paper orb light15. Cupcakes and Paper orb light 15. Cupcakes and Paper orb light2

14. Gummy chandelier14. Gummy chandelier 14. Gummy chandelier2

13. Combine plastic Spoons and Water Jugs13. Combine plastic Spoons and Water Jugs 13. Combine plastic Spoons and Water Jugs 2 13. Combine plastic Spoons and Water Jugs 3

12. Old drum kit12. Old drum kit 12. Old drum kit 2

11. Teacup lights11. Teacup lights

10. Pop Tabs Lamp10. Pop Tabs Lamp 10. Pop Tabs Lamp2

9. The Hat Lamp9. The Hat Lamp

8. Cloud Cutout lamp8. Cloud cutout lamp 8. Cloud cutout lamp 2

7. Wine Bottle Chandelier7. Wine bottle chandelier

6. Grater Lamps6. Grater lamps

5. Silverware Lamps5. Silverware Lamps

4. Spare Hangers Lamp4. Spare Hangers Lamp 4. Spare Hangers Lamp 2

3. Globe lamps3. Globe lamps

2. A Workout ball Lamp2. A Workout ball Lamp

1. Starbust Paper Lamp1. Starbust paper light. 1. Starbust paper light. 2


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  1. Some of these designs a highly flammable, and should only be made with lightbulbs that not gets very warm!!

    High heat and paper is a bad combination!!!