10 Cleaning Hacks That You Will Wish You Knew Before

Pic Credits: Real Simple

Cleaning the house can be a bit of a chore, and whether you are a clean freak or only really tidy things up before guests arrive, having a few tricks up your sleeve hurts no one and can make the process a whole lot easier!

So here are 10 best DIY home cleaning tricks that will save you a whole lot of time and wasted money on cleaning products and transform your cleaning routine!

1. Cleaning window blinds using 1 x set of tongs + 2 x cloths.

Pic Credits: One Crazy House

2. Get those pesky pet hairs out of the carpet by running a squeegee rather than a vacuum cleaner.

Pic Credits: The Non-Consumer Advocate

3. Simply replace the sheet as needed.

Pic Credits: Mommysavers

4. Get those clogged shower heads and faucets going by placing a white vinegar filled bag and attaching it with a rubber band.

Soak the shower heads for at least two hours before removing the bag.

Pic Credits: A Real-Life Housewife

5. Dust off the fans using a pillowslip and avoid sneezing your way through the spring cleaning routine.

Pic Credits: The House on Hillbrook

6. Apply furniture polish to your stainless steel appliances and bring back the shine.

Pic Credits: Compact Appliances

7. Say goodbye to grease and oil fabric stains by applying chalk and letting them soak.

Pic Credits: One Little Project

8. Turn the grill hot and then rub half an onion to get rid of the grease and grime.


Pic Credits: Flickr | scrapstothefuture

9. Run over your iron on a piece of paper sprinkled with salt to get it sparkling clean.

Pic Credits: Real Simple

10. Grind some uncooked brown rice through the spice grinder to take care of the oil and residue.

Pic Credits: Kitchn

Do you have any of your own home cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments’ section below!


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