10 Best Windshield Wiper Blades for Ford F150


Ford F150 is one the most popular SUV’s today and since it’s accessories are made by many manufacturers today it is difficult to buy the right one. So give our list a read for F150’s windshield wiper blades before you buy one.

10. AutoTex B1-21(18.99$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (9)

Offered in a pack of one this blade utilize patented technology to apply uniform pressure throughout your windshield.  VorTex symmetrical spoiler uses the wind to maximize contact with the windshield thus clearing your screen in a single swipe.

Available Here!

9. Trico 22-1 Exact Fit Wiper Blade (11.02$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (6)

These blades can be installed seamlessly, and they fit your Ford F150 without any adapters or modification. Though this pack of one is offered at a reasonable price, buyers have reported the item to wear out much quicker than anticipated.

Available Here!

8. Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Wiper Blade (12.38$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (1)

Michelin an automotive tire brand has tried its hand in other car accessories as well. Talking about their windshield wipers, in particular, they are mostly of superior build quality and offer high durability, so it is of no surprise that this one has all those qualities.

Available Here!

7. Bosch 22OE-CA(15.92$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (5)

This wiper has precision-tensioned steel springs that help in providing pressure on the windshield for a better quality swipe. Graphite-treated rubber on these lasts much longer than most in the market as well.

Available Here!

6. Valeo 900221B(13.29$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (2)

All season wiper blades with Valeo’s New Tec3 advanced rubber technology that is quiet & efficient. Integrated flexor distributes the pressure evenly thus ensuring safety during snow or rain. 

Available Here!

5. ANCO 31-Series 31-22 Wiper Blade(5.97$)


Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (3)

At just under 6$ this is one of the best value for money buys out there. The Exclusive DuraKlear rubber compound provides a consistent, clear wipe and tensors distribute the pressure evenly as well.

Available Here!

4. Rain-X Weatherbeater (9.59$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (7)

Rain-X has been popular with Ford F150 its galvanized steel frame increases its durability. Preinstalled J-hook makes it easier to fix on our SUV, and a gives a secure grip as well.

Available Here!

3. PIAA 95055 Super Silicone(22.94$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (10)

Silicone coating on this wiper is the first of its kind and makes them super durable as compared to others. PIAA has been designing automotive accessories for some time now, and their products have a sustained quality. This blade is a must have for any Ford F150 owner.

Available Here!

2. Bosch 22-CA / 3397006508E7W (9.15$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (4)

Compared to the previous Bosch product this one has a thicker rubber coating that ensures same clean swipe both in snow & rain. This is also the most popular product on Amazon.com.

Available Here!

1. Motorcraft WW-2242(15.84$)

Top 10 Wind Shield Wipers for Ford F150 (8)

Motorcraft is the official dealer for Ford accessories. These blades fit perfectly on your Ford F 150 and provide the optimum performance. The item weighs 6.3 ounces and the rubber technology used on these are very durable.

Available Here!



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