10 Best Cooling Pads for 15″ Laptops


We have covered the list of ’10 best laptop cooling pads’ before, but this time, we are going to focus on high-performance laptops that are most used for gaming or designing and boast a screen size of 15″ or above. So take a look and give us your comments

10. Welltop® Blue LED(25$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (2)

The cooling pad has a total of 5 fans with one being 14.5cm while the others are of 5.5cm in diameter. Like most, this one is also fitted with blue LEDs, which are said to have a cooling effect(jury is still out to prove the phenomena though :P).

Available Here!

9. Slate 2.0 with Mousepad – Mobile LapDesk(79.99$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (9)

Though this lapdesk is not fitted with any fans, it provides decent ventilation and besides the design allows you to attach your phone along with a mouse. The hand lapdesk is made from a combination of wood and plastic.

Available Here!

8. AVANTEK 15″-17″ Ultra Slim Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad(32.99$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (5)

Avantek cooling pad offers two height adjustments which allows you to set the laptop screen according to your requirement. Two 160mm fans can reach RPM of up to 1000RPM.

Available Here!

7. ‘LotFancy’ Laptop Cooling Pad

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (7)

Fitted with five shock reduction fans this cooling pad is seemingly noiseless. The device weighs just 19.22Oz and the five fans can reach a remarkable speed of 2500RPM.

Available Here!

6. Ptatoms 15.6″-17″ Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad (19.99$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (8)

Four ultra light 120mm fans can operate at a speed of 1200RPM. The product has a built-in dual USB hub which allows for secure connection and operation. Like most, the pad is also fitted with blue LED

Available Here!

5. HAVIT HV-F2063 (19.55$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (6)

Slim and portable design have four fans that reach max speeds of 1200RPM. The device has a lifetime of 10,000 hours and additionally it comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty.

Available Here!

4. CUCCOT CP668 (18.88$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (4)

Two large 145mm fans rotating at 1500RPM keep your machine cool thanks to an innovative mesh design that helps in dissipating heat. The cooling pad supports two USB ports and comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available Here!

3. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (19.99$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (10)

An Amazon.com bestseller like this one can not have much wrong with it regarding design. The cooling pad has an ergonomic design that provides comfort while viewing and has two anti-skid arms. You can adjust fan speed with can vary between 300-1600RPM.

Available Here!

2. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad (14.61$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (1)

The most thinnest cooling pad on our list. The unique looking product has a single 160mm fan which can reach RPM of up to 2000. Cable grooves in the pad allow for easy cable management, and it can be adjusted for height as well.

Available Here!

1. HAVIT HV-F2056(19.99$)

15 inch screen laptop cooling pads (3)

The most popular cooling pad on our list, as it has over 2000 positive customer reviews and has been rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon.com. This HAVIT model is fitted with three fans that can reach speeds of 1500RPM. The cooling pad has two adjustable height settings, a dual USB hub and like all the products from this manufacturer it comes with full one-year warranty.

Available Here!



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