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10 Best Charging Cables For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Congratulations on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phone is the latest in the Note family of Samsung and sure does come with a myriad of features. Have you already purchased a case for this latest phone of yours? If not, then check out 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Meanwhile, also look at the following list of 10 best charging cables for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

10. USB Type C to USB 2.0 Cable AILANSI Series-Nylon Braided USB C [$9.99]

This pack includes two pieces with a length of 6.6’ each. The cables conform to the USB C specification version 1.1 with a 56 kilohm standard identification, thereby ensuring safe and rapid charging. The cable doesn’t cause any damage to the legacy USB hub. The length of the cable is perfect to enable you to move away from the socket while charging with ease. The cable is capable of charging your smartphone 8% faster when compared to other cables. The charging takes place at a current of 2.4 A while data syncing takes place at a rate of 480 Mbps. The cables come with a nylon fiber cloth jacket that encases the sync-wire to ensure anti-twisting and anti-abrasion properties. The aluminum connectors feature reinforced necks to impart resistance to damage from bending. The package comes with a lifetime warranty.

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9. USB Type C Cable,Snowkids USB C Cable 6.6Ft(2-PACK) Nylon Braided [$8.88]

This one enables users to carry out data transfer at a speed of up to 5 Gbps. The cable also enables users to carry out lightning fast charging of their smartphones while transmitting data simultaneously. The cable charges at a maximum current of 3.0 A. The product is backed up with a lifetime warranty and a friendly and easy-to-reach customer services.

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8. 6.6 FT Fast Charge Data Cable, TITACUTE Long Nylon Braided [$9.99]

This cable features a reversible port design while enabling users to connect it either way without worrying about any right side. The cable comes with a length of 6.6’ and is nylon-braided to impart durability. The extra length enables users to step away from the socket while charging their phones. The cable supports rapid charging at 3A along with data transmission. The triple layers of protection protect the cable from electromagnetic interference. The company offers a 6-month replacement warranty.

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7. USB Type C Cable, USB C Cable 3ft 6ft (2 PACK) Nylon Braided Cord [$9.85]

The package includes two differently sized cables; one comes in at a length of 3.3 ft, and the other one is 6 ft long. Both cables conform to the USB Type C v1.1 with a 56k ohm and standard identification, thus allowing for rapid charging at a max current of 3A. The cable is nylon-braided to impart durability and has been tested for more than 5,000 bends’ lifespan. The cable is also tangle-free thus adding to its portability.

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6. USB Type C Cable,UTOPER USB 3.0 A to USB C (6.6FT) Long Nylon Braided [$13.98]

You’re looking at a cable that supports the maximum 3.0 A fast charging and data syncing at a speed of up to 5.0 Gbps. The cable features an ergonomic design with small grooves on both ends of the USB port for an easy plug and pull. The cable is covered in nylon fiber cloth to impart durability and tangle-free properties to the cable.

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5. USB Type C Cable, Kinps 6ft Fast Charger Cord USB C to USB A 3.0 [$5.49]

This cable supports quick charge 2.0/3.0 with a maximum current of 3A and offers a bandwidth of 5 Gbps for data syncing. The cable offers speed and safety. It is housed in a PVC jacket and an aluminum foil for skid resistance, stretch resistance, abrasion resistance, and press resistance. Crafted from grade A materials to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The package comes with a lifetime warranty.

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4. USB Type C Cable,JSAUX (6.6FT) USB C to USB 2.0 Fast charger [$9.99]

Say hello to a transfer speed of 5.0 Gbps with a maximum current capability of 2.1 A. The cable is capable of performing data syncing and charging simultaneously and features a tangle-free nylon-braided design. The cable is far more dependable than other cables that lie in this price range. Thanks to the length of this cable, users can charge the phone while sitting on the sofa comfortably. The package comes with a lifetime warranty and a 24/7 customer service.

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3. COOYA 0.8FT Short USB Type C Data Charger Fast Sync (5GB/s) [$13.99]

This one is a short USB type C cable v3.0. It is a fast charging cable without the hassle of lengthy wires and their entanglement. It ensures a safe charging current of 2.4-3A with a data syncing speed of up to 5 Gbps. The premium copper wire is housed within the durable TPE smooth jacket. The cable features a reversible type C connector to facilitate the user. The pack comes with a worry-free 18-month warranty.

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2. AUKEY USB-C Cable, Type-C to USB 3.0 Charging Cable [$15.99]

This particular USB cable enables users to enjoy data transfer speed of up to 5Gbps and exceptional fast charging. It is equipped with a reversible USB-C connector that can be plugged from any side, thus ridding the user from the frustration of wrong plugging. The safe and configured charging output is ensured via quality-standard components. The cable is coated with durable and flexible PVC to protect against daily wear and tear. The product comes with a 45-day money back guarantee and a 24-product replacement warranty card.

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1. USB C Cable RAMPOW Type C to USB 3.0 Braided Charging Cable [$25.99]

This particular cable works with Type-C devices. The cable offers fast syncing and charging; a sync rate of up to 5 Gbps and 5V/3A safe charging. The cable is covered with ultra-durable nylon fabric jacket to enhance durability and to prevent entanglement of the cable while imparting resistance to everyday wear and tear. The joints are seamlessly molded with gold-plated contacts along with 56k ohms to deliver an outstanding and reliable stability and conductivity. The product comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

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