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10 Best Charging Cables for LG G6

Hey there, congratulations on purchasing LG G6. It is a phone of many features and some really sleek design. Before we go any further with this guide of 10 best charging cables for LG G6, let us ask you an important question; have you purchased a case for your LG G6? No? Check out our guide on 10 best cases for LG G6. Why? Because accidents are bound to happen and it is in your best interest to be fully prepared against them. Check out the following guide on 10 best charging cables for LG G6 and let us know what you think of it.

10. AUKEY USB Type C Cable, USB C to USB 3.0 Fast Charging [$16.99]

Get ready for a charging cable that can be used for speedy data transfers as well – with a speed of up to 5Gbps. This is 8 times faster than the USB 2.0. The cable ensures a safe charging current of 3A via high-standard components that include a 56k ohm resistor. The cable comes with a braided nylon protection enhancing its durability and imparting anti-tangle properties. The type-C connector is reversible thus allowing users to connect it without worrying about the orientation. The package includes varied lengths for various purposes; the 1ft cable can be used for charging with power bank, the 3.3’ can be used in the car and the 6.6’ can be used at home or in office. The package has 3 3.3’ cables, 1 6.6’ and 1 1’ cable.

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9. USB Type C Cable 10ft, HI-CABLE 2 Pack USB A to USB C [$12.97]

The cable is thick, braided, rugged and highly durable. The connectors are gold plated to ensure exceptional connection. The cable supports quick charging and offers high transfer rate of up to 480Mbps while providing a maximum safe current of 2.4A. It comes with a 56k ohm pullup resistor thus ensuring that no damage is taken by your smartphone. The cable is sturdy and tangle-free thanks to the nylon fabric braid that encompasses it. The cable measures in at a length of 10’ thus allowing users to freely make use of the smartphone while the phone is being charged or being used for syncing of data. The package comes with a lifetime warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.

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8. Type C Charger Cable , HopePow 6-Pack 6ft Nylon Braided USB C [$14.99]

You’re looking at the famous reversible design that has freed users from worrying about the orientation of the connector. The cable comes with a tangle-free nylon jacket that surrounds the cord for the sake of durability. The cable offers high speed charging and data transfer with data transfer speed of up to 480Mbps. The package comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

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7. USB Type C Cable 6.6 ft – 2 PACK, Type C to USB 3.0 Cable [$8.99]

Get ready to rapidly charge your smartphone and simultaneously sync data as well. The cable offers a sync rate of up to 5Gbps and provides a safe charging current of 3A maximum. The cable features a high-quality nylon fabric jacket that enhances durability and imparts anti-tangle properties to the cable. The connectors are gold plated to improve the connection’s quality. The package comes with an unconditional 90-day full refund guarantee.

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6. LG G6 / LG V30 Charger Cable Cord – iRAG 6ft [$6.99]

The package comes with a 24-month hassle free warranty and an easy to reach customer service. The featured cable is 6’ long, perfect for use at home or office without having to stay glued to a wall power outlet. The cable can be used for charging or syncing data simultaneously.

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5. USB C Charger Cable, HUHUTA 3 Pack 6FT Nylon Braided Type C [$9.99]

You’re looking at a cable that supports fast charging and syncing while providing safety to your smartphone. The cable can provide a safe charging current of 2A and a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. The cable is covered with nylon braided jacket to enhance the durability and instil tangle-free properties within the cable. The connectors have been crafted from aluminium and are much more durable as compared to the standard USB cables. The featured cable’s length is 6’ and enables users to easily use their smartphones while it is being charged. The package comes with a year of warranty.

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4. Matein USB Type C Cable,2Pack 6FT Extra Long Braided Fast Charging [$6.99]

With a length of 6’, users can now freely move around while the phone is being charged. The cable has been crafted using durable nylon fabric rendering it tangle-free and resistant to daily wear and tear. The oxidation resistance keeps the charging head’s internal chip from the extrusion force. The cable is capable of charging at a 2.4A maximum current and offers a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. The cable comes with a premium aluminium housing and is highly durable.

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3. Ofspower 4Pack 1ft 3ft 6ft 10ft Braided USB Type C to A [$9.99]

You’re looking at a package with 4 length-variants of a quality cable type C cable. The cables come with a stylish nylon fiber jacket to impart anti-tangle properties and is highly durable. The aluminium connector shell head has been kept compact thus allowing for it to be used with various sorts of phone covers. The cable is capable of charging rapidly and syncing data at high speeds.

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2. USB Type C Cable,CHOETECH USB 2.0 Type C [$12.99]

The package contains three length-variants; 1.6’, 4 x 3.3’ and 6.6’ to cater to all of your diverse needs for charging cables. The pack is a one stop solution to all your charging needs. You can keep one cable, the longest, for your home. The second one goes to your office or your car and the shortest one to your travel bag. Thus, ensuring that you’re never out of a charging cable when you need one. The cables support a maximum of 2.4A current and can sync data at speed of up to 480Mbps.

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1. LG G6 True Digital Adaptive Fast Charging [$19.99]

This one comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. The charger included in the package is an adaptive fast charger while the cable supports speedy charging. It can, reportedly, charge your smartphone up to 75% from 0 within 30 minutes.

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