10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy A5 2016


Samsung has fully revamped their A series with both A4 & d A5 phones now getting upgraded. A5 will now have a 5.2″ screen with 1080×1920 pixels as compared to the older model which had 5″ screen with 720×1280 pixels. RAM Memory and camera remain the same at 2GB and 13MP respectively, but the latter model is fitted with Snapdragon 615 instead of 410. Samsung hopes that the A5 2016 edition will sell in the same volume as the 2014 version did. For the lucky owners of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, we have summed up the 10 best cases. Let us know your favourite case in the comments section.

10. Galaxy A5 2016 Case, Ringke(10.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (10)

The clear TPU case provides the most basic protection. The thin case adds minimum bulk while saving your phone from dust and dirt, therefore you can maintain that brand new look on your phone much longer.

Available Here

9. Samsung Galaxy A5 Case by Kaleidio(9.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (1)

An elegant looking flip case made from synthetic PU leather. The case has decent pocket space, and it perfectly fits the A5 2016 model making it easy for you to use.

Available Here

8. Samsung A5 case by Yaker(11.85$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (3)

This frosted polycarbonate case is harder and tougher than most cases. The case has a shiny exterior and is available only in elegant black color.

Available Here

7. Galaxy A5 Case by FYY(8.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (7)

One of the most colorful cases available for the phone. Made from synthetic PU leather, the case does a fine job in protecting your phone from scratches while looking classy.

Available Here

6. AMZER Pudding Soft Gel TPU Skin Fit Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy A5(7.95$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (2)

A TPU case with reinforced edges for superior protection. The case can resist mild impacts while stopping dirt from accumulating on your phone. The case is flexible, so it installs very easily.

Available Here

5. 2015 Galaxy A5 Case, Terrapin(14.95$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (4)

The best wallet case on our list. The case has the most amount of pockets in which you can keep all your extra stuff while the secure magnetic closure ensures that your belongings stay in place.

Available Here

4. Galaxy A5 Case, NageBee(9.98$)

10 Best cases for Sasmung Galaxy A5-2016 (9)

This is perhaps aesthetically the most inspiring case on our list. Made from thick yet soft rubber, the case has a raised lip following the edges to protect the screen while the rubber itself can absorb even the heaviest of impacts.

Available Here

3. A5 2016 Case, LK(7.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (5)

The first dual-layered case on our list. Made from a combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate, the case is extraordinary in protecting your phone against almost anything. Though it may not be pleasing for the eyes, the case is perhaps the best armor for your device.

Available Here

2. Galaxy A5 2016 Case, Spigen® (12.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (6)

Spigen case looks quite less bulky as compared to its predecessor for a dual layered case. Spigen claims they have their Air cushion technology that absorbs bumps and impacts, thus keeping the smartphone safe and additionally, it comes in the smooth matte finish that gives it a distinct look.

Available Here

1. Galaxy A5 2016 Case, OEAGO (7.99$)

10 Best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5-2016 (8)

The best dual layered case on our list. Like the ones before it on the list, the case is made from a combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate plastic. But what previous cases do not have is a small kickstand that allows you to watch videos or movies hands-free. By far the best case for Samsung Galaxy A5 2016.

Available Here


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