10 Best Cases For Nokia Lumia 638


Microsoft’s success in the smartphone world relies on the performance of Nokia Phones in the market.  Powered by Windows 8.1, this phone was released in December 2014 and targeted the value buy customers as the phone has 1GB RAM and a 5MP Camera. The phone is doing steadily well and Microsoft hopes that phones like these would boost its presence over Apple & Google as the chief software for smartphones.

10. Mozo Nokia Lumia 638 Case(1.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (4)

A rudimentary flip case made from synthetic leather. The case protects your from dust and scratches, therefore, keeping it in brand new shape for much longer.

Available Here

9. Polycarbonate case by ‘Generic’ for Lumia 638(5.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (2)

This hard Polycarbonate case can resist mild impacts and is scratch resistant. The case hs accurate openings as well for your cell phone’s ports and buttons.

Available Here

8. D-Park Case (24.95$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (10)

The leather flip case is both light-weight and durable. The case is made from PU leather and looks extremely elegant. The case also has plenty of pocket space to keep your credit cards and money.

Available Here

7. Cooper Cases(TM) Slider Flip Nokia Lumia 638 Case(13.45$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (9)

This case has one of the unique designs for a flip case.  The front side is clear and is made from TPU plastic allowing to see notifications with ease. Whereas it has a lot of pockets both inside and at the back, therefore increasing its versatility.

Available Here

6. Zhiago 3D Cartoon Cases for Lumia 638(8.86$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (5)

Super Hero cartoon inspired cases look adorable. Aesthetics aside, these cases are quite robust in protecting your phone as they are made from thick yet flexible TPU, which allows them to resist impacts.

Available Here

5. Nokia Lumia 638 Case by HarryShell(5.99$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (7)

Made from shock absorbing TPU material, this case has cute art at its back. Specially designed for Lumia 638, this case has precise cutouts so that you can maximize your phone’s functionality.

Available Here

4. Nokia Lumia 630 Case by Incipio(13.50$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (1)

Engineered from Flex2O polymer material, the case can absorb even the heaviest of impacts. The manufacturer has also introduced strategic contours which make it easy to grip, and this case is also available in multiple colors.

Available Here

3. Nokia Lumia 638 Case by Cell Shell(0.49$)

The best value for money buy in the market for Lumia 638. The game boy inspired design may be of the liking for retro gamers but apart from that, the case has a thick coating of TPU gel, which makes it flexible yet rugged resisting dirt and keeping your phone looking brand new for a much longer time.

Available Here

2. MagicMobile Nokia Lumia Case(4.89$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (6)

Hybrid case is made from a combination of soft TPU layer on the inside and hard polycarbonate shell on the outside. The case is available in many different colors and even has a kickstand at the back so that you can watch your video/movies on landscape mode with ease.

Available Here

1. Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 638(7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Lumia 638 (8)

The most rugged case for your Lumia 68 phone. Just like number 2, this one is also made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate plastic whereas it also features a kickstand at the back. But what makes this product unique is that it is quite light weight and slim for a dual layered case. Additionally, it also has reinforced corners making the best case on our list.

Available Here


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