10 Best Camera Modules For Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular and powerful electronics development boards out there. The board has many variants and thanks to its open source nature, the board also has a large online community. One of the basic sensors to interface with the board is the humble camera, and we have made the list of 10 best camera modules available for Raspberry pie.  So take a look, share, comment and enjoy.

10. Arducam 5 Megapixels 1080p Sensor OV5647 (14.99$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (2)

The basic camera to interface with any board whether it be Arduino or Raspberry Pi. 5 Mega Pixel camera provides a clear high definition image and can be used in Machine Vision Applications.

Available Here

9. Waveshare Raspberry Pi Camera for Model (33.99$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (7)

The module comes with 2 IR bulbs that provide ample night vision. The 5-megapixel sensor also supports B/B+ board models. The same image sensor is also used in many webcams.

Available Here

8. DF Pixy CMUcam5 Image Sensor (125.38$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (3)

One of the most used camera’s in industrial applications but we would not recommend any beginner to purchase this product due to is astronomical price tag.  High quality & durable circuitry makes this device treat to use while giving excellent results.

Available Here

7. EleDuino Raspberry Pi Camera Module(33.90$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (8)

Similar to Our no.9, this camera module also has night vision, but one key difference is that it draws much less power and can work on 3.3V power supply.

Available Here

6. SainSmart 5MP 1080P Webcam Camera(19.99$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (6)

SainSmart is one the best sellers of electronic goods for projects. The small module can flip in high definition and additionally has night vision capabilities. The module’s design allows it be interfaced with the web very easily.

Available Here

5. Yosoo DIY Camera Module for Raspberry Pi(37$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (6)

Fancy a DIY kit? Well, then this might be the right fit for you. Fully compatible with most Raspberry Pi Models, this kit is both easy assemble and then use. The camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images and can shoot at 1080p at 30FPS.

Available Here

4. Eleduino 5 MP (2592×1944 Pixels) Omni Vision 5647(37$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (1)

Another Eleduino product but this one can deliver much sharper images and can shoot videos at 60 Fps. The camera can give viewing angles over 160 degrees.

Available Here

3. ELP 720p Full Hd H.264 USB Camera Module (33.90$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (10)

The USB camera module can interface with any Raspberry Pi. The camera employs H.264 compression and delivers high frame rate at 30fps even in 720P resolution.

Available Here

2. Arducam 5mp 1080p OV5647 (32.99$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (5)

Another Arducam product but this one can produce video output of 1080p at 35FPS making it one of the most powerful cameras for your Raspberry Pi. The lenses on the module are also replaceable.

Available Here

1. Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module(22.33$)

10 Best Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi (4)

The official Raspberry PI camera module, so this product is automatically the easiest to interface. The camera can shoot 1080 video at just 30FPS while 720p at 60 FPS giving the user the versatility in use. The camera is ideal for any hobbyist or student and is widely used in machine vision applications.

Available Here


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